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Retirement has arrived- new blog.

The time has finally arrived ( Wahoo !) and I can start doing all the things I never had time for as a 9-5 worker in corporate America. Actually the 9-5 is a misnomer as more often is was at least 8-6 and I would feel drained at the end of the day nor to mention by the end of the week. I dreamed about having time for the gym, going on hikes and travel to exotic destinations and finding joy in living.

Below is my hiking partner, Lucas. He is a 3 year old rescue that was just dropped off.

A little about me, I am a 67 year old woman, divorced in 2001, retired in August, 2022 and I have been learning about being retired, happy and fulfilled. I wanted to share what I have learned during this process. I also want to keep working on my bucket list. Everyone should have one!

Back in 2021 I started to look into my options for retirement. Previously I thought no way I can retire yet, I still have bills to pay, mortgage, and savings to continue to build. I wanted an exit plan from the corporate world and I knew I did not want to work until I was 70 years old and beyond. To my surprise, I found the Social Security website very helpful

called . I did have to set up an appointment for the next month over the phone. I found the SSA (Social Security Admin) very helpful regarding information. They do not influence the decision but can give you options and the benefit amounts.

What I learned going through this process and talking to friends, also using Google for information, it did not seem that there was much information that I found to know what to do when. If you want to learn more, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

This will be weekly blog with tips for retirement, structuring your time, and travel ideas.

Any ideas about topics, feel free to include in the comment section.

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