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Be happy and joyful in retirement.

Live your life your way.

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A Bit About Me

Everyone needs the tools for happiness and finding joy.  I have recently retired and been thinking about how I want to use my time to be happy and productive. This is what I call finding joy.

I have learned that being healthy is the foundation to being happy, purposeful and joyful.

I am a 67 year old woman, divorced in 2001 and worked in finance for corporate America for most my career.  My degree is in Psychology and I knew  before I retired that I wanted to explore the healthy inputs  with  our thoughts to create a  new exciting life.  

If you are looking to make changes in your life  and make your dreams come true, follow my blog.

Find my joy

Health Components

Foundation of Health, Happiness, and  Wellbeing

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Nutritious Food

This is where we learn to eat healthy and it does not have to mean restriction of nutritious foods. No need to be hungry.  you can have wonderfully satisfying foods like butter, cheese and bacon.  You will not be hungry.



As humans, we are meant to move frequently throughout the day.  even if you do not walk now, just start slowly and build on it.  After walking is established, we will start some body movement and resistance training to stay strong.

Woman Sleeping


Sleep is very important to health. Strive for 8 hours a night.  if you are not sleeping well now or are sleep deprived, sleep will improve as your health improves.

Meditation by the sea


Mindfulness is the magic that will give you the awareness which will allow you to change your life.  This is a topic we need to be dig deep to unlock the answers that are within us.  This is truly a game changer.

Fall Salad

Life is like a kaleidoscope-a slight change, and all patterns alter.

Sharon Salzburg

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