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Health Coaching will change your life

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A Bit About Me

My Experience, My Passion

As a certified health coach, I help clients find their own path to better health using ancestral health principals combined with mindfulness.  I have had my own health struggles with obesity and Type II Diabetes. I had tried it all, many diets, including Weight Watchers (several times), but I always gained back weight when I eventually quit as I inevitably did. Then I found Paleo, felt great, lost some weight and kept it off but I hit a plateau, that seemed permanent. 
Finally, I found the missing piece of the puzzle- mindfulness.   Being aware of the decisions I was making and how these decisions impacted my health. I can help you change your life by changing your thoughts.

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Health Components

Foundation of Health, Happiness, and  Wellbeing

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Nutritious Food

This is where we learn to eat healthy and it does not have to mean restriction of nutritious foods. No need to be hungry.  you can have wonderfully satisfying foods like butter, cheese and bacon.  You will not be hungry.



As humans, we are meant to move frequently throughout the day.  even if you do not walk now, just start slowly and build on it.  After walking is established, we will start some body movement and resistance training to stay strong.

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Sleep is very important to health. Strive for 8 hours a night.  if you are not sleeping well now or are sleep deprived, sleep will improve as your health improves.

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Mindfulness is the magic that will give you the awareness which will allow you to change your life.  This is a topic we need to be dig deep to unlock the answers that are within us.  This is truly a game changer.

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Life is like a kaleidoscope-a slight change, and all patterns alter.

Sharon Salzburg

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